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Choose to feel like you again

No one knows you better than yourself – so why have someone else choose your personal coach? You’re not alone. Within HatchPath’s wellness community, there’s someone who understands exactly what you’re going through.

HatchPath puts you in the same room where real growth can occur. Regardless of where you’ve been, let’s find out where you’re going, together.


Find the perfect coach for you. Just post what you’re looking for and a pool of specialized HatchPath coaches will reach out and apply. After reviewing and communicating as you please, you’ll hire a trusted professional to develop a personalized program with you in mind.

Set your budget. Call the shots. These decisions are all yours. Enroll in a program with your new health coach today to find the root of your hindrance and break free.

Grow your coaching practice with clients you care about

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Step back from systemized coaching to develop programs tailored to your clients with your expertise leading the way. Finding clients isn’t an easy feat, but as a HatchPath health coach, you’ll be immersed in a community that isn’t scared to ask for help, your help.

Establish your price, set your schedule, and take control of how you provide guidance. Find opportunities fit for your skills - for every human facing barriers, there’s you.

What even is health coaching, anyway?

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All healthcare professionals should have the same unified pursuit: to help individuals lead healthier lives.

It’s only natural to be attracted to quick-fix health solutions; it’s easy to be allured by promises of a better life within hours or days, but real change takes time.

Coaches know that, and it’s time clients did too.

Here at HatchPath, we love the journey – we’re not fighting it.

Why join HatchPath?

Tell us your needs

Tell us your needs

When it came to our wellness, we felt like everyone else was making our choices for us. Do this, not that, drink this, don’t eat that, lift that, think that

Begin to feel like you again

Begin to feel like you again

These rigid programs leave us feeling confused, burnt out, and well, just not like ourselves. And isn’t that why we start the journey to betterment, to begin with – to feel like ourselves again?

We know your language

We know your language

You’ll find a lot of definitions for wellness, and that’s because wellness looks different for everyone. You tell us what it means to you. Our obstacles aren’t black and white, so why would our healthcare be?

We’re molding to your needs

We’re molding to your needs

HatchPath support is designed for those who use it. We’re molding to your needs, not the other way around.

Take control of your wellbeing.
Take control of your practice

Why trust HatchPath? We’re on the same team


Health and trust shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. No hidden fees. No surprise charges. Transparency is key.

Setting your own prices and budget is just another way HatchPath lets you control your wellness journey.

Your health, your terms.

Customizable coaching within a wellness community you can trust


Your new wellness community. Join the HatchPath waitlist today and be first in line

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