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Are You Afraid to Slow Down?

Kathy Leckey

Jan 09, 2023

Have you ever been afraid of slowing down so much you’ll never start again?

This morning on the yoga mat, the practice started with a deep, restful, meditative pose. I was so relaxed with the hot temperature, my even breathing and my still body that I could feel myself start to fall asleep.

I panicked. I knew what was coming. How would I be able to get myself revved up enough to push myself the way I knew I would have to. I thought-what is wrong with this teacher-did she make a mistake and do the ending sequence first?

She knew what I was about to learn. That with rest, inner calm and intention we can push ourselves farther than on sheer adrenaline.

It was the most challenging, thought and body cleansing class I’ve taken to date.

When I hesitate to stop midday to meditate, for fear of not being able to start again, I will remember this experience.

When I delay a vacation, because I don’t want to break my momentum, I will remember this experience.

When I stop the chaos to take a deep breathe for a minute, I will remember this experience.

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