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The Work-Life Balance Myth

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Jan 18, 2023

You hear it all the time... how do I get more balance between work and life? Books, websites and other media all lead us to believe this is a reasonable goal.

I believe the struggle to find work-life balance will always be a struggle because it is a unicorn goal/expectation. A myth created to make us believe that happiness will be achieved when we finally strike the chord of balance between the two.

Why do I believe this is an unachieveable myth?

Work is a part of life. It isn't separate, and it shouldn't be treated as if it is. This is a very American, capitalist way of thinking. The idea that our happiness is tied up in how much we "achieve" in our careers has lead to an epidemic of burnout, loneliness, numbing out and depression.

The truth is what happens at work, happens in all areas of our lives. If you are overcommitted and trying to prove your worth at work, then you are most likely doing that exact same thing in all areas of your life. I know firsthand because I wore that shirt most of my adult life.

But, what if we were to stop striving for balance between work and life? What if we started treating work as just one aspect of our human experience, and not the definition of it? What if, instead of scales, we created a symphony where every area of our life (self-care, relationships, mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health, serving others, financial prosperity, etc.) played a role creating a beautiful work of art?

What if we defined success by how authentically we showed up in all of these areas? How much creativity and joy we had in all of these areas? How much capacity for love and abundance we experienced in all of these areas?

Now, close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath in for 5 seconds. Hold it for 5 seconds. Exhale for 7 seconds. Keep repeating this pattern and start to step into what it feels like to be fully aligned in all areas of your life. To be living in your purpose. To love yourself (flaws and all) in a way that inspires others to do the same. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you feel?

That, my friends, is the symphonic sounds and feelings of who you are deep inside. Isn't it beautiful?

As the conductor of your symphony... What is one small note you can create today to move towards that harmony inside of you?

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Heather EverettMindfullness Coach / Clarity, Connection and Creation

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Hello! I'm Heather. I am passionate about guiding you toward more clarity so you can connect with your vision and become the powerful creator of the abundance you want. My approach is grounded in empathy and authenticity, and I create a safe and supportive space for you to explore both the power of your strengths and opportunities. As a Master Clarity Coach and Workshop Facilitator, I am trained in a variety of techniques and methodologies, including mindfulness, meditation and breath work practices. I use these tools to help you cultivate self trust and develop true self confidence. When I'm not coaching, you can find me exploring the great outdoors, listening to live music. writing, painting, or spending time with my family. Let's unlock your power together so you can create the life you want!

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