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What Does it Mean to Have a Kundalini Awakening?

Madds Mess

May 29, 2022

Kundalini is the sacred energy that is within us all. Essentially, it is the energy or frequency of our Soul. Commonly referred to as Yin or Divine Feminine energy, Kundalini is actually the awakening of one’s own Soul energy, within the human body, leading to an expansion of consciousness.

This expansion of consciousness is quite similar to the psychological process of self-actualization, but far surpasses it.

Kundalini energy, or the reconnection of the human-self to the Soul-self, is an energetic process that works through the energy body of an individual known as the chakras, including the auric bodies.

Through this awakening and expansion of consciousness, an individual will undergo dramatic mental, emotional, physical and spiritual shifts that will trigger the clearing of deep wounds, traumas, ancestral patterns/cycles, mental health struggles, financial scarcity, and any and all other low-frequency ways of being. This way of being is what is known as 3D consciousness - when one resides predominantly in the ego-sphere of consciousness, blocking them from their heart centre, and more-so from their divinity.

There are three phases of a Kundalini Awakening: Phase 1: Arambha - The Awakening: during this stage you are laying the energetic ground work for your awakening. You will begin this phase by becoming aware of all that is not meant for you in life as you currently know it. You will become aware of all the ways you have been living life that haven’t been truly what you desired, but that you felt obligated to attain, achieve or experience. This in turn will untie the energetic knot known as the Brahma knot, located between your Root and Sacral Chakras. Here all dense, karmic and painful energy related to safety, security, finances, food, physical well being, emotions, childhood, sexual trauma, and mental/emotional well being will be disrupted. This experience is similar to a volcano erupting - one that you’ve been trying to keep under control for so long, to no avail. This process in the awakening serves to enlighten you by forcing you to face all the pain you’ve repressed yourself from feeling, and then encourages you to begin your deep healing journey. This beginning journey will propel you into an even deeper level of healing in the second phase.

Phase 2: Ghata - The Cleansing: This stage is known as the purging period, where all that is not meant for you will begin to fall away from you. This will happen because in Phase 1, you became awakened, conscious of all the people, places, habits and things in your life that you weren’t truly desiring. The parts of your life that made you feel exhausted, daunting, and out right miserable, will begin to fall away from you. Despite knowing that these parts of your life were hurting you more than serving you, it will still be emotionally painful, and thus another level of emotional healing comes about. For the first time in your life, you will have access to your Heart Chakra, through the untying of the Ghata knot, located between your Heart and Throat Chakras. This is where you truly begin to transcend out of 3rd-dimensional ego consciousness and into what is known as the 4th-dimensional bridge. This journey will propel you into entering the third phase of your awakening.

Phase 3: The Activation and Rising: this third and “final” stage of your Kundalini Awakening will be achieved once you have completed several levels of emotional and spiritual healing through phase 2. During this activation phase of your awakening, you will untie your Rudra knot, located between your Heart and Third Eye Chakras. This experience will lead you to release all duality, seeing everyone, and every experience in life as a reflection and connection to oneness. It is here that all life experiences will cease to have just a few different points of view, and will take on an even more vast, higher perspective that encompasses hundreds (or more) points of view for any one given experience or interaction. Through the untying of your Rudra knot, and the awakening of your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, life will truly never be the same. All that you knew before, when in the 3rd-dimension of consciousness will be given an entirely new and different meaning. This will move you into experiencing life from the lens of being a Soul having a human experience, rather than a human, having a spiritual experience. It is noted that this is the “final” stage of Kundalini simply because the process of becoming enlightened is never-ending. One, whilst in human form, is always undergoing the process of enlightenment. There is always more to learn, more to see and more to understand.

Overall, the Kundalini Awakening experience is one that takes many lifetimes to prepare for, and it is not synonymous with a Spiritual Awakening, the latter relates strictly to the first phase of a Kundalini Awakening. Thus the Kundalini Awakening is a much more rigorous process that takes time, patience and an open willingness to endure. It is most common for individuals to reach the third phase of Kundalini in their final few lifetimes on Earth, before becoming and Earth School graduate (which simply means one has completed all their Earth lives by clearing out all of their past life Karma).

The benefits of awakening your Kundalini energy include: connecting to your Higher Self (your intuition), living a life free of confinement (say goodbye to limiting beliefs), mental/emotional/physical pain relief, knowing yourself more deeply than you ever have, living life and expressing yourself in complete authenticity, having your dream career, manifesting anything you desire, and so much more!

What do you think? Are you ready for your Kundalini Awakening in this lifetime? If you’re ready to heal and expand your consciousness and take yourself to a whole new height of life, look into my Kundalini Coaching Series so that you can be guided through your full process.

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Madds Matthews

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I've been a psychic-medium my entire life, so for me it's more than an ability or profession and more-so a way of life. My connection to the Divine eventually led me to start my own spiritual healing practice whereby I began assisting like-minded Souls in what is known as their spiritual awakening. As a Coach and Kundalini Energy Practitioner I guide my clients through an even deeper level of awakening known as a Kundalini Awakening - the activation of one's sacred/Soul energy from within. My expertise both on the Earth-side and Spirit-side is Soul Contracts and Inter-dimensional Physics which permit me to assist you in reconnecting to your Soul/Higher Self and discovering not only why you came to this planet but also the purpose/service you have to offer to others.

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