How did HatchPath come about?

HatchPath founder + CEO figured this out the hard way so you don’t have to.

I made so many mistakes that I didn’t have to make along the way if I only had a coach.

What prompted me to do this?

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I created HatchPath out of my desire for all-embracing healthcare. I wanted to make it not only possible but easy for people to find the absolute best help from coaches that have been in their shoes.

HatchPath creates a safe environment for people to ask for support, with an abundance of qualified coaches reaching out to offer their niche expertise.

How did I find my motivation on the path to well-being?


Through my journey of overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease as well as a Traumatic Brain Injury, I discovered there was a void in our healthcare system. Even after seeing some of the best doctors in North America, I still wasn’t seeing results. Ultimately, the problem wasn’t ill-advised treatment, but that I wasn’t addressing my true root cause.

It wasn’t until I connected with someone who had overcome Lyme Disease that I was able to finally see the path to well-being.

This person became my coach on this journey and gave me the blueprint to overpower my illness.

Empathy isn't traditionally a guiding principle of our medical system. But at HatchPath, it's the driving force.

Looking for guidance?

Take the first step toward understanding and exploring your true self by working alongside a trusted health coach, chosen by you. See how easy it is to discover yourself with HatchPath

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