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This guide provides insight into joining the HatchPath community, with details on every step of finding your new health coach and beginning your journey to wellness.

Our mission

Welcome – we’re so excited you’re here! Healthcare shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone, and here at HatchPath, it’s our mission to make wellness support personalized and accessible to all.
Get ready to feel like you again!

Why choose HatchPath?

Our cooperative and supportive environment is teeming with experienced health coaches eager to guide you through wellness exploration. HatchPath’s vast community of vetted, reliable, and dedicated coaches allow you to sideline the many hindrances within the coaching world.Your primary focus right now should be you. That’s why HatchPath strives to relieve the pressure surrounding a decision as personal as choosing a health coach.


Unfortunately healthcare isn’t notorious for being forthright. Between complex answers and no answers at all, it’s no wonder so many individuals lean towards giving up before they’ve even started.
At HatchPath, you can find the help you really need.
91% of patients need more support with chronic disease management
Our user-first approach makes finding the right coach far easier than it once was. You’ll be able to address as many questions as you’d like before booking with your new health coach, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. HatchPath has your back.As fun as they can be, we pledge to avoid surprises. No hidden contracts or fine print here. We only want you to pay for coaching programs that build you up to transform your life.

All inclusive platform

Clients can explore several services within HatchPath’s platform, with most at zero cost. Joining the HatchPath community is free for clients to join. You only pay for the coaching program(s) you commit to.
From searching to booking, we have you covered.
As a member of the HatchPath client community, you can:

Comb through professional health coaches’ profiles

Post jobs detailing the help you’re looking for

Choos e your health coach

Book sessions with HatchPath coaches based on your availability

Attend virtual sessions

Rate & review coaches, programs, and specific sessions

Explore enlightening and informative content by certified health and life coaches as well as other HatchPath clientele

Share content and engage with the community

Feel less alone

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to beginning a wellness journey is self-awareness. That’s why a new perspective is so beneficial, especially that of a professional.

Benefits for clients


While it is a privilege to work with a health coach, it doesn’t have to be a luxury.
We wanted to create a wellness ecosystem that put the people who care at the center of it all. We're driven by passionate mentors, not dollar signs. Since clients and coaches set their own budgets respectfully, there’s a match for everyone.
Busy schedules, commuting obstacles, budget.
These factors can keep individuals from getting the assistance they need, but not anymore. Nothing has to stand in the way of your well-being. HatchPath makes coaching accessible to everyone.


HatchPath allows you to take control of your wellness journey.
No one else should be making these decisions for you. With the power of discovery and choice, clients can find what they truly need in a health coach. Unlike other platforms for health coaching services that do the matching for you, HatchPath allows you to post jobs and then review applications from outstanding coaches at your leisure. Rather than pairing you up with health coaches ourselves, we let you do the discovery. You’re kicking off an emotional journey. The last thing you need to waste your time and energy on is the hiring process. Meeting with health coach after health coach with no luck can be discouraging and lead to putting off your personal growth.
Health coaches that exceed your expectations.
Not only can you pick your own health coach from a collection of qualified applicants, but you will have unlimited access to a growing network of coaches. With the continuous stream of coaches joining the HatchPath wellness marketplace, you’ll be able to can take advantage of the diverse community of coaches on HathPath with differing expertise.
You get the final say - the choice is yours. Post jobs with comfort and ease and let the coaches come to you!

Adaptable Pricing

Becoming part of the HatchPath community comes at no cost to you.
As a client, you’ll join our comprehensive platform and explore it at your own pace; skimming health and wellness-related content, posting jobs, reviewing impressive applicants, and more.
With no subscription fees whatsoever, there’s no pressure to select a coach before you’re ready or carry on with a coach you’re not connecting with due to financial concerns. You’ll only pay the price of your program, agreed upon with your new health coach prior to your first session.
We know life happens, which often leads to financial shifts.
As a HatchPath client, you set your budget and are free to keep it as rigid or flexible as you’d like. Our platform allows clients to adjust their budgets at any given point to mirror what they can expel.
Let your healthcare journey grow naturally, as you do.


You’ll wonder how you ever functioned before HatchPath. We’ve reinvented the health care concept with our easy-to-use platform and user-friendly interface.

Sign up

We know long-winded paperwork and confusing practices are common deterrents from putting your wellness first, which is why we made signing up as easy as 1, 2, 3 – literally.
As a client, you’ll enter basic information such as:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Location / Timezone
You’ll complete your profile with:
  • Photo
  • Description of yourself

Create a profile

Your profile will be how health coaches first see you on the HatchPath platform. Your brief personal narrative will include your pangs, goals, what you’re looking for, etc.
If you’re feeling stuck describing why you’re here, try asking yourself:
  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • What makes you feel the most authentically you?
While this information is pertinent, don’t let it slow you down or hold you back from completing the sign-up. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, many problems can be difficult to articulate. We’ll ensure the right health coaches find you.
Coaching is all about trust, and in order to lay down a strong foundation, a substantial sense of connection must be established. Each element of a HatchPath coach profile is designed to highlight their expertise while edifying who they are as a person by highlighting their professional experience and values. These details are included specifically with clients like you in mind. We help weed out all of the ill-fitting matches so you’re only left with dedicated health coaches that fit your every need.


The use of tags helps HatchPath connect clients to coaches and vice versa – our little matchmaking service.
Tag your profile (as well as posted jobs) with keywords that align with your challenges, goals, and the guidance you’re seeking. These filters will impact how you see the HatchPath marketplace, created just for you and your purpose in mind.
For example, if you find yourself struggling with impulsive spending above all else, coaches who specialize in conquering those habits will find your job postings based on shared tags, i.e. impulsivity, poor habits. If you feel as if anxiety is leading your life, you would tag your profile with anxiety.
Examples of tags:
Sleepanxietystucknutritionwomen’s healthflying fearlack of motivationperformance
The content, health coaches, and programs you then browse on HatchPath will relate to your troubles.
Clients can add unlimited tags of their own as well as skim through our pre-existing list. Coaches follow the same structure so the ease of locating profiles is synonymous. Our tagging system makes it easy for the right coaches to find you based on their skills and your goals. You can also find coaches via blog content they publish. Coming across a health coach with a comprehensive understanding and perspective you find inspiring could mean they’re a superior match for you.


A job is your number one tool on HatchPath. It’s how you find the right coach, or they find you. Forget about reading through hundreds of health coaches’ websites, scrolling through testimonials, and weighing 2-star reviews against a tight budget. HatchPath’s structure puts you in the driver’s seat. It is your health, after all.

What is a job?

Just as coaches create programs that clients can peruse, clients can post “jobs” that detail the guidance they’re looking to receive. This is your way of asking for help, and opening the doors for HatchPath coaches to engage and detail how they plan to help you lead a life of positive well-being.
You’ll begin receiving applications from qualified candidates. If you’re impressed with an application, you can open up a dialogue, and any questions either of have can be addressed.

Posting a job

Steps a client needs to post a job
Your job posting will include:


This is what will first attract coaches to your listing. Try to be straightforward and represent what you’re looking for as best you can in a few words.

For example, if you are searching for a coach to help you overcome a chronic illness that you have been dealing with for decades, then your title may be as simple as, “Chronic Illness Coach for long term illness.”


Here you will tell coaches a bit about yourself and detail what areas you need help with. The more detail that you provide, the better your chances of finding the right coach are going to be.


At HatchPath, you set your own prices. Whether you have $100 or $1,000 set aside for your health, a health coach can help. Set a budget that works for you. You can always come back and change it.


Tags are critical to being visible on the HatchPath platform. You’ll use keywords to describe what you are looking for in a coach, what you want to achieve, and what you may be struggling with.


Our user-friendly messaging platform makes for an easy recruiting procedure and seamless interactions with your coach.When you find a coach that you think is the right fit for you, you’ll accept them and their application will transfer to an enrollment. Once you’ve reached that step, you can chat with them directly through our HatchPath chat integration. You can converse further and ask any questions regarding the planned wellness program that may not have been included in the application before booking a session, as when coaches move into enrollment the chat feature is activated.


Programs are the means that health coaches use in order to offer their services through HatchPath. It allows them to lay out their offerings in an easy-to-consume manner.Once you have posted your job to our marketplace, coaches will begin applying with custom programs that are tailored to your needs. HatchPath programs can range anywhere from one 30-minute session to indefinite weekly sessions.

Select your coach

You’ll never miss a stand-out application thanks to our automatic notifications. You’ll receive an update whenever a coach applies to your job and you can then easily review their application and proposed program.
As a client, you must initiate the conversation with an applicant via our messaging portal. If you have any questions for the coach, feel free to begin a dialogue and the chat function will be enabled. Asking the right questions brings you one step closer to hiring your new coach.


The applications you receive will also include bids. If there are experienced coaches that think they can offer you a more beneficial program at a higher price, they’ll note in their application that their services are slightly above your budget.If a more novice coach is looking to grow their practice, they may bid far below your budget. If cost is a prominent concern of yours, then that could expand your applicant pool greatly.
Keep in mind that all HatchPath coaches have been deeply vetted by our skilled onboarding team. Every coach is certified with relevant experience and an exceptional drive to help people.
It’s just a price tag. Just because a coach may be less experienced in a certain field doesn’t mean they can’t be the perfect professional to guide you towards a life of bliss.


As a client, you’ll pay for your program in full upon joining. Those funds will be put in escrow and deployed to your coach after each session is successfully completed. This structure protects you in the off chance that you’d like to cancel your coaching program or a session gets unexpectedly interrupted.
If you would like to cancel a program, you will only be refunded for the sessions that haven’t occurred yet.


You can go ahead and book your first session as soon as you select your new coach and their submitted program. The structure of the program will be mapped out, but you can schedule each session one at a time. This is helpful for life’s unexpected hiccups or if your schedule is genuinely inconsistent. Once a coach approves your desired time, they’ll confirm the session and it will be locked into the calendar.


You can go ahead and book your first session as soon as you select your new coach and their submitted program. The structure of the program will be mapped out, but you can schedule each session one at a time. This is helpful for life’s unexpected hiccups or if your schedule is genuinely inconsistent. Once a coach approves your desired time, they’ll confirm the session and it will be locked into the calendar.


You can effortlessly view active enrollments right from your home page. Enrollments will display upcoming sessions, both those that have been scheduled and those awaiting confirmation. Both you and your coach are able to propose a time for an approaching session. Once you’ve both confirmed a time, the coaching session is confirmed. You’ll be able to launch the HatchPath video portal 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session so you can ensure everything is running smoothly and you’re prepared.

Ratings and reviews

After evaluating however many applications before selecting a coach, clients know better than anyone how important testimonials are and how much they influence the decision-making process. Word of mouth is the oldest, most trusted form of recognition and these ratings and reviews will help others find the same life-changing support you’re receiving. After a session ends, you’ll be prompted to leave a mandatory rating and review that will be publicly shared on your coach’s profile.
Help coaches grow too – high ratings lead to big advantages on HatchPath


Our community might just be what we’re most proud of here at HatchPath. You can’t find a wider pool of exceptional health and life coaches on one platform anywhere else. Your sucess is our sucess.


Sharing authentic content is one of the ways clients and coaches can effortlessly connect on our platform, but it’s also a valuable hub of knowledge for clients. You can explore fascinating pieces written by a variety of authorized coaches on the HatchPath explore page or by searching specific tags pertinent to your goals. Find health coaches that specialize in your niche through engaging blogs that uplift and enlighten you to kickstart your wellness exploration.
We support a collaborative environment that values honesty, transparency, quality, and choice.

Looking for guidance?

Take the first step toward understanding and exploring your true self by working alongside a trusted health coach, chosen by you. See how easy it is to discover yourself with HatchPath

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