Messaging notice

Last updated March 21, 2022

Information that is exchanged via the HatchPath, LLC platform (“Platform”) is not encrypted, and therefore, it is possible a third-party may be able to access the information and read it since it is transmitted over the Internet. While HatchPath, LLC will use reasonable means to protect the privacy and security of your health information, because of the risks outlined above, HatchPath, LLC cannot guarantee these communications will be confidential. You should carefully consider use of the Platform for the communication of sensitive information such as, but not limited to: information regarding sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS/HIV, mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse. By exchanging information via the Platform, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand the risks associated with these communications. You further acknowledge and agree that HatchPath, LLC will not be liable (1) in the event that you or anyone else inappropriately uses or accesses your information; or (2) for improper disclosure of your health information that is not caused by the intentional misconduct of HatchPath, LLC.

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