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I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with a specialty certification in autoimmune health. I was diagnosed at 17 with Still's Disease, a rare autoimmune disease that affects the joints and muscles. After 10 years of taking immuno-supressing drugs, I was able to achieve complete remission using the power of nutrition and managing stress and other triggers. This experience and the years of research into nutrition and the causes of autoimmune diseases, led me to my mission to empower other autoimmune warriors to take their health back by managing their disease through diet and lifestyle changes. I help my clients identify food and environmental triggers, reduce inflammation, and manage stress and unpredictable energy levels, so they can feel like themselves again and no longer have to live in fear of the next flare up. I believe our bodies are not broken, but are constantly in a state of healing and when you give your body what it needs, you will see how amazing it is!

    chronic / autoimmune coachinggut healthinflammationjoint painstress managementautoimmune flaresfatigue / low energychronic painchronic illnessstress management coachingsleep coachingfood sensitivityleaky gutdigestive issues (chrons, ibs, celiac)rheumatoid arthritisstill's diseaseceliachypothyroidismhashimoto's thyroiditishashimoto's

Institute of Transformational Nutrition - 2021
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Bachelor in Allied Health Sciences

Indiana University - 2011


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